About Lay Volunteers International Association LVIA (Lay Volunteers International Association) is an Italian NGO, starting its operation in 1966 and working in African and eastern-European countries, with the aim of fighting social inequality, food insecurity, poverty and of operating concretely for peace, justice and human development. The main operation sectors are: access to water, improve of health, strengthen agriculture and livestock farming, capacity building, enhance craft skills and local enterprises, improve urban and rural environment.
Moreover LVIA promotes the integration among people and cultures of the world.
LVIA is mainly supported by European Union, ECHO, UN Agencies, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, USAID, OFDA, and several international cooperation agencies, local institutions, private  foundations, private individuals. In 2006 it became associated members of the Italian Institute for Donation and it has been awarded the certificate of Excellence in Ethics and Management.

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